In addition to chiropractic, which focuses largely on spinal manipulation to ease back pain, neck pain and more, Barfield Chiropractic’s physiotherapy techniques can treat a number of conditions through a variety of treatment. Today, we’ll review some physiotherapy techniques commonly used by chiropractors, kinesiologists, physical therapists, and more, especially those that are practiced at our chiropractic clinic.

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Hands-On & Joint Manipulation

The type that is probably most closely related to chiropractic is the joint manipulation found in hands-on physiotherapy. Whether the goal is mobilisation to increase mobility and flexibility or overall muscle strengthening, hands-on physiotherapy is a fantastic option for anyone looking to prevent or treat a sports injury. This approach can also be used to increase neurodynamics, massage deep tissue located on appendages and around joints, and even simply improve blood flow to damaged areas.

Sports Physiotherapy

As mentioned above, it is common to pursue physiotherapy in addition to (or sometimes even in place of) traditional physical therapy for injuries such as torn ACL, tendon rupture, bursitis in knee or shoulder, muscle tear, joint pain, regular cramping, meniscus tearing, pinched nerve, torn rotator cuff, shin splints, TMJ, and even off-the-field conditions like whiplash that can impact performance. If you are struggling with a sports injury or performance hurdle, visit Barfield Chiropractic in Murfreesboro for a treatment plan and potential physiotherapy assistance.

Chiropractic Application

In addition to the common conditions that bring someone to physical therapy, there is often chiropractic issues that should be corrected through spinal manipulation or decompression. By treating the spine in addition to appendages and other joints, we ensure that the source of the pain is dealt with at the root, and can even prepare you for improved performance in the future. Our chiropractors have the skills, experience, and cutting-edge equipment to generate personalized treatment plans designed to get you back to optimal health, not just make you a perennial patient.

Our Philosophy

We view chiropractic physiotherapy as a unique opportunity to engage a patient in their own care. By looking at your body as a comprehensive unit with multiple potential treatment plans that align to the same goal, we can leverage your desire for wellness and improved performance for a speedy treatment plan that gets you back to optimal health. Our physiotherapy are all designed to not only treat, but serve to prevent degenerative muscle and joint elements in the future. By leveraging proven-effective techniques backed by our unique approach to physiotherapy, we know that we can improve your body’s overall health and function, especially if you take an active role in facilitating your own recovery.

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