Chiropractic treatment has remained fairly the same throughout its relatively short history, but recent technological innovations have jump-started new innovations that can achieve all-new results for patients. One such innovation is the creation of spinal decompression machinery, which can achieve amazingly precise and safe levels of decompression in a short amount of time. If you’ve heard of spinal decompression and wonder if it’s right for your back pain, then read on!

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Understanding Spinal Decompression

Spinal Disc Injury & Agitation

The purpose of decompression is to sort of “loosen up” compressed discs, correcting injured sections, providing back pain relief, and removing agitation. By decompressing the spinal discs, agitation caused by poor posture, elongated sitting, or even direct injury can be treated and reversed. Additionally, treating spinal injuries and agitation early with decompression can actually help to prevent herniation, bulging discs, and more down the road; likewise, decompression can still be used in some of these cases, as recommended by your chiropractor.

How It Works

Our specialized machine will gently pull your legs away from your body, while you are lying comfortably atop a table. A support system will stabilize you as the relieving downward (toward the feet) pressure is concentrated into the spinal discs. The effect that these forces have together is tension relieving under semi-anti-gravity conditions, which allows your spinal discs to settle into where they need to be. The entire process is over quickly and your back pain relief will begin to feel relaxing really quickly, making for an overall pleasant experience. To put your fears to rest now: No, the process won’t hurt. In fact, it’s widely considered to be one of the most enjoyable types of therapies available!

Why It Works

This new technology builds upon a millennia-old technique that centered around inversion. For instance, you’ve likely seen infomercials about a table that allows the patient to flip upside down for spinal decompression, effectively using the body weight pulled down from their feet to correct their back pain. While it may seem obvious, this rudimentary inversion technique isn’t nearly as accurate or safe for every patient; plus, it requires you to be okay with having the back of your head come scarily close to the floor. The use of a machine for spinal decompression allows for the removal of human error, which could potentially lead to injury or mistreatment. By taking something that has been proven to work for ages and improving upon it, modern spinal decompression is a truly noteworthy improvement for those that use it.

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