Most people have an opinion about chiropractic therapy, whether they have found it helpful in the past or haven’t tried it before and think it’s all hype. At Barfield Chiropractic in Murfreesboro, TN, our team of renowned chiropractors are here to bust myths and help transform your life with our top-rated local chiropractic services. Here, we argue against five common misconceptions about chiropractic therapy.

Chiropractors Aren’t “Real” Doctors

One of the most common myths you’ll hear about chiropractors is that they are less qualified and educated than traditional doctors. Yet, just like “real” doctors, almost all practicing chiropractors are required to undergo a minimum of four years of chiropractic school after completing their undergrad at a university. During chiropractic school, aspiring medical professionals are required to excel in courses focusing on human anatomy, neurology, pathology, dermatology, nutrition, the list goes on. And only then can they be eligible to take the state and national board chiropractic exams, which require a passing score in order for them to obtain a license to practice.

Chiropractic Therapy is Painful and Dangerous

When many people think of chiropractors, they imagine a stranger in scrubs bending and cracking their body in painful and unnatural ways. This, of course, isn’t true and there is a lot more to chiropractic therapy than loud bone cracking, which is actually very safe, tactical and almost entirely painless. While completing chiropractic school, students learn everything there is to know about strategically using the body’s natural makeup to correct painful conditions and then carry these trusted medical practices into their clinics. At Barfield Chiropractic, we offer a wide variety of chiropractic services that aim to adjust and correct these painful conditions, including chronic back, neck and shoulder pain, sciatica, bulging disks, whiplash and more.

Chiropractic Therapy Doesn’t Work

Another infamous myth regarding chiropractic therapy is that it simply doesn’t work. It is an unfortunate fact that false claims often surface during debates about alternative methods of healing that don’t involve prescription drugs or expensive surgeries. And, sadly, it is often the people who have never tried chiropractic therapy that jump to these conclusions. In reality, the practice of chiropractic therapy has been around for centuries and has helped far more people than it has ever hurt. In fact, many construction workers, heavy machinery operators and professional athletes alike rely on chiropractic therapy as a trusted and effective way of re-adjusting, healing and preserving the fitness of their bodies.

Once You Visit a Chiropractor, You Can’t Stop Going

Many people who have never gone to a chiropractor hesitate to try it because they assume it is a lifelong commitment. While a majority of people who have gone to the chiropractor immediately feel the benefits and end up going back for more, there is no obligation for patients to continue chiropractic therapy after their first visit. In fact, most chiropractors will simply suggest a plan for how to address and correct your specific condition and will leave the ball in your court when it comes to scheduling appointments. There is really no right or wrong way to go about visiting the chiropractor, but you will likely notice the best results when you pay attention to your body and schedule appointments as symptoms arise.

Chiropractic Care is Expensive

Another reason some people hesitate to see a chiropractor is because they think it will lead them down a long road of unnecessary expenses, even though chiropractic therapy is usually no more expensive than a routine check-up with a traditional doctor. Luckily, many health insurance companies cover at least part of the cost of seeking chiropractic care, especially if you have a chronic condition that requires special attention. If you’re considering chiropractic therapy, consult your insurance provider to see what kind of coverage you qualify for.

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