September is Pain Awareness Month, a time when health practitioners across all fields work to raise awareness of triggers that cause pain, and ways to safely and effectively manage pain. From mild aches caused by stress and tension and acute pain caused by an injury to chronic pain caused by a medical condition, pain and discomfort presents in countless ways and is triggered by a number of causes. If you experience pain on a regular basis or simply have soreness that you want to relieve, call Barfield Chiropractic to schedule an appointment for chiropractic care. Our Top Rated Local® chiropractor in Murfreesboro is ready to help you not only feel better, but move better. Today, we will explore some of the top causes of different types of pain and offer suggestions for how to avoid these common triggers.

Common Pain Triggers and How To Avoid Them

Traumatic Injuries

Injuries suffered at work, playing sports, or sustained in a car accident are some of the top causes of pain. Whether you have lifted a heavy object improperly on the job; tore a knee ligament playing sports; or suffered a whiplash injury, pain can vary and last for different lengths of time.

Tip: The most obvious answer is to be safe in all you do, but that simply isn’t enough. There are preventative steps you can take to avoid injuries. Taking care of yourself by exercising regularly can strengthen your supportive tissues (muscles, ligaments, and tendons) that protect your hard tissues such as your spine and joints. Eating a nutritious diet and getting plenty of water can support a healthy body that can not only help you avoid injuries but can also help you recover from injuries quicker. Be mindful and aware. Do your best to ensure proper ergonomics, lifting, posture, and other measures to prevent injuries that can be avoided. Finally, if you sustain an injury, seek treatment immediately. Early diagnosis and proper treatment can help you heal quickly and efficiently to reduce your risk of suffering from chronic pain as a result of your injury.


Stress is something that affects most people regularly. While it can lead to pain, pain can also cause stress — it’s a vicious cycle that is unending for many people. While there is a great deal of ongoing research into the link between stress and pain, one thing’s certain: a common stress response is muscle tension. People often react to stress by physically tensing up. If you’ve ever had a massage before, you may have heard your therapist say something along the lines of, “Your shoulders are very tight. You probably carry your stress in your neck and shoulders.” This is highly common. As the pressure of life weighs on you emotionally, it’s common to carry these stressors physically in your body in the form of tension, tightness, and pain.

Tip: Relax! Find ways to relax, destress, and decompress throughout the day and especially before heading to bed. Schedule regular massages to relax and relieve muscle tension. Find balance in your life to better manage the stresses that can pile up. Practicing relaxation techniques at home and at work that can help you relax. These may include yoga, deep breathing, and getting more restful sleep. Finally, don’t be afraid to seek out support for your mental, emotional, and/or physical health.



Medical Conditions and Chronic Pain

There is a wide array of health conditions that can cause different types of pain, specifically chronic pain. For instance, hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid) can cause pain, stiffness, and swelling in your joints along with achy, tight, stiff muscles. Fibromyalgia is another health condition that causes widespread pain through the hard and soft tissues in the body. Migraines and other recurring headaches can also cause pain.

Tip: Try to lead a healthy lifestyle to avoid the development of painful medical conditions. Get to know your family history to know which genetic conditions run in your family and be proactive about taking steps to prevent them. Pay attention to your body and seek the advice of a medical provider when you’re in pain or experience the onset of unusual symptoms. Talk to your chiropractor about wellness care and how regular chiropractic treatments can improve your overall quality of life.   

Schedule Chiropractic Care

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Join us next time as we continue exploring the common causes of pain and how you can avoid them.