Welcome back to our blog! If you’re like most people, you’re probably looking forward to getting more active this spring. Maybe you want to hit the local climbing gym or head over to Adams Tennis Complex to play a few rounds of tennis with your coworkers. Or maybe you’re simply looking forward to taking long evening walks to decompress after a long day at work. No matter how you plan to get moving this spring, you’ll want to consider these tips as you become more active over the coming weeks. Please read below to learn more!

Always Carry A Water Bottle

The human body is made of more than 60 percent water so it needs to stay hydrated in order to perform properly. Muscles and other soft tissues benefit from the replenishing nutrients that water provides. Therefore, staying hydrated will not only improve your performance, but will also reduce your risk of becoming dehydrated. Dehydration can cause painful headaches, fatigue, weakness, and muscle and joint soreness. Pack a water bottle with you and make sure you’ll have access to more water if you run out. If this means packing a few extra bottles for your hike, do it!

Wear Comfortable Shoes

When engaging in sports and other physical activities, make sure to wear comfortable shoes that provide arch support for your feet. You’ll also want to be sure you’re wearing shoes that fit properly and leave plenty of room for your toes to wiggle around a bit. Wearing good shoes when being active will not only support your feet and legs, but also your lower back. Keep in mind that socks provide additional support so choose a pair of socks that are cushiony yet breathable. Take a word of advice from the man who knows his shoes — as Forrest Gump says, “Those must be comfortable shoes.”  

Use Ice and Heat Properly

Applying heat to muscles before performing a physical activity can increase circulation and get the blood flowing, which can stimulate muscle performance and reduce post-activity muscle strain. On the other hand, applying heat after physical exertion can increase swelling and inflammation in injured tissues. It’s often better to apply ice rather than heat to sore, tired muscles after getting physical, especially if you’ve suffered an injury. Talk to your Murfreesboro chiropractor about how to properly apply heat and ice according to your specific needs and physical activities.  

Sleep It Off

Sleep gives your body a chance to heal and recover from physical strain. Getting at least seven to eight hours of sleep each night will strengthen your immune system, which can help your body recover from an injury quicker. Sleep is one of the best ways to enhance your overall performance as it improves focus, clarity, and endurance, allowing your body to work harder, longer. Give your body a chance to recover after participating in sports and other physical activities.

Get Muscle Therapy

Whether you schedule a sports massage or a relaxing restorative massage after being active, or you get cutting-edge muscle therapy using the Power Plate to rehabilitate your injured muscles, taking care of your soft tissues must be a priority as you become more active this spring. Muscles and other soft tissues support hard tissues like your spine and bones. Having healthy, strong, conditioned muscles can help prevent injuries during physical exertion, but even the strongest muscles are still susceptible to injury. Call your Top Rated Local® Murfreesboro chiropractor at Barfield Chiropractic to schedule an appointment for chiropractic care and muscle therapy. Both treatments can help address and prevent injuries while also strengthening and improving your overall physical, mental, and emotional wellness.