As the only certified extremity chiropractor in Murfreesboro, Dr. Pearce and his staff extends the benefits of chiropractic care beyond just the spine. Combined with the SIGMA approach to spinal manipulation, extremity chiropractic care relieves the pain and loss of mobility experienced by those with joint injuries and chronic health issues.

Over time, misuse and untreated problems create areas of pain and loss of motion that must be addressed. Our care and treatment plans help to alleviate chronic and recurring pain while improving your quality of life without the need for drugs or invasive surgery.

Spinal Chiropractic Adjustments

As experts in chiropractic adjustments, we only offer those techniques that have a proven track record. Through gentle spinal manipulations, our approach to chiropractic care ensures relief from symptoms, such as back pain, and an increase in mobility. Using innovative therapeutic techniques, including decompression and cold laser therapy, we work as your healthcare partner in helping you start your path to optimal health.

Extremity Chiropractic Adjustments

After so long, the pain in your knees, shoulders, ankles and elbows may seem like an unfortunate part of your everyday life. Fortunately, with treatment plans targeted to those joints in your extremities, you can find effective, long-term pain relief.

Extremity adjustments are intended to focus specialized techniques to helping you experience increased function without nagging pain. Whether present because of arthritis or a sports or accident injury, your affected joints can be rejuvenated through our unique joint care plans.

Discover long-term pain relief through our personalized treatment plans by scheduling your consultation or chiropractic adjustment today.