Unlike chronic conditions, injuries to both hard and soft tissue present unique challenges to chiropractors and physical therapists alike; not only is it necessary to repair and rejuvenate damaged tissue, one must undergo muscle therapy to rehabilitate the affected area. Whether you’ve suffered a car accident, a slip-and-fall, or a sports-related injury, the road back to unlimited mobility and pain-free living can be an arduous one.

We Can Help

At Barfield Chiropractic, our team of chiropractic physical therapy experts employ the tried-and-true methods of therapeutic care that offer relief from pain and a return to experiencing full mobility. We offer Murfreesboro residents help with both moderate and also serious injuries through chiropractic care, physical rehabilitation, Power Plate muscle therapy conditioning and cold laser therapy.

Find out why we’ve become a respected source for injury rehabilitation by calling for your first comprehensive consultation. We’ll help you rediscover the benefits of living pain-free, starting today.