What makes our chiropractic care so effective is our combination of experienced, highly-trained hands-on techniques with cutting-edge technology.

Barfield Chiropractic has the only Certified Extremity Doctors in Murfreesboro, which gives our doctors amazing insights into shoulder, knee and other extremity problems and how they correlate to the spine, giving a better picture of each patient’s overall condition.  Barfield Chiropractic is Murfreesboro’s only provider of the patented SIGMA computerized analysis and treatment system.  This allows for more accurate diagnosing as well as more treatment options for our patients.

Barfield Chiropractic also utilizes a proprietary muscle rehabilitation system that focuses on correcting damaged posture muscles to give our patients better and longer-lasting results.  Our rehab utilizes cutting-edge technology such as the Power Plate to make our muscle rehabilitation easier, safer and much more enjoyable.  This combination approach helps our patients get their lives back.