What is Physiotherapy?

Helping to manage pain and prevent disease, physiotherapy is a science-based approach that empowers the patient to take ownership of their own health through education and awareness. The core intent of physiotherapy is to not only facilitate recovery, but to maintain joint and muscle health by eliminating degenerative elements. Physiotherapy is said to help manage health conditions associated with neurological, cardiovascular, respiratory and neuromusculoskeletal systems.

Our Chiropractic Physiotherapy

Using our knowledge about the body’s nervous system, we work to aid those affected by illness and injury. By involving each patient in their own treatment, we act as a partner in your recovery. We also use physiotherapeutic techniques to prepare patients for upcoming physical challenges, such as sporting events, pregnancy and childbirth. Offering benefits for patients of all ages, our proven-effective physiotherapy treatment plans have helped hundreds of Murfreesboro residents discover optimal health.

Find out more about physiotherapy and if you’re a candidate for this expanding healthcare methodology by calling Barfield chiropractic today.