drpearce-cropDR. DAVID A PEARCE

Dr. Pearce has helped thousands of patients find back pain relief over the past two decades. Over that time he has gained expertise in getting results with even the most difficult cases.

Dr. Pearce was originally drawn to the chiropractic profession by his own experience during college in North Carolina. After multiple sports injuries, chiropractic care was the only treatment able to fix his problem and get his life back. Dr. Pearce knows what it is like to be in your shoes, which gives him amazing insight into delivering the best patient-centered care available in Murfreesboro.

Dr. Pearce combines the best of expert hands-on techniques with the latest cutting-edge technology. While Dr. Pearce is the only Certified Extremity Doctor in Murfreesboro, he also has the only local facility to implement the cutting edge SIGMA computerized instrumentation system and the Power Plate muscle rehabilitation machine.