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Whole Body Vibrational Therapy

Whole Body Vibration can help reduce back pain, improve balance, and reduce bone loss. Clinical research and studies demonstrate that Whole Body Vibration is helpful and beneficial for the treatment of many conditions including Osteoporosis and Bone Density, Neurological Conditions, Multiple Sclerosis, Fibromyalgia, Back Pain, Improves Blood Oxygenation & Circulation, and more.

If you struggle with weights — as many people do — I'll bet that you're going to love what Whole Body Vibration Training can do.

If you don't have the time it takes to get a decent, regular workout at your gym, you're also going to be pleased.

Whole Body Vibration Training allows you to reap the benefits of strength training with ease and in just a fraction of the time. Just like the cosmonauts.

How can it possibly do this?

With Whole Body Vibration Training, your body's muscles contract between 25 and 50 times a second as you make gentle body movements. It's this constant muscle tensioning that increases muscle strength.

And it only takes three 15-minute sessions per week to get you started building lean muscle with Whole Body Vibration Training. That's only 45 minutes a week! But remember, like any exercise program or device, you improve results with more time and/or intensity.

Why Traditional Strength Training and Cardio Exercises Aren't Cardio After All

To improve your heart health, you first need to understand that you have two muscle fiber types with their own unique energy systems:

These slow and fast twitch muscles can be activated by Peak Fitness and Whole Body Vibration Training exercises.

Your heart has two different processes; the aerobic process and the anaerobic process. Traditional strength training and cardio exercises work only the aerobic process and the slow twitch muscle fibers.

On the other hand, Peak Fitness type and Whole Body Vibration Training exercises work both the anaerobic and the aerobic processes of your heart as they activate both the fast and super-fast muscle fibers.

This is why you may not see the results you desire even when you're spending an hour on the treadmill several times a week. You're only working half of your muscle fiber types!

And when you don't exercise your fast twitch fibers, they may begin to atrophy, which can adversely affect your fitness and physical health.

The technology behind Power Plate® equipment was used and researched in the former Soviet Union during the 1960s by cosmonauts, allowing them to withstand the negative effects of microgravity while engaged in space flight.

Since then, powerful technological advances plus a couple of important patents have made Power Plate® the leader in safe and effective Whole Body Vibration Training. This is the one that I have in my home and use regularly.

There are nearly 200 studies on Whole Body Vibration. More than 30 of them were conducted on a Power Plate® machine.

Step Up to the Ultimate Whole Body Workout and Help Sculpt a Brand New You

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